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The Art of Landscape Lighting

by Barbara Jennings, CRS/CSS

Would you let an electrician landscape your home? No? Then why do you let landscapers install the lighting for your home? When it comes to lighting, a landscaper does not provide, usually the expertise or quality that a homeowner expects and deserves. Even if a landscape architect designs the system, chances are it won't be as good as an electrician would do.

If the systems are installed incorrectly you may experience dim lighting, ineffective design, no maintenance plans, no strong product guarantees. You may often find that inappropriate systems fail after two years.

Lighting is critical to great design and curb appeal. Light can mesmerize, energize and relax you. Light dances through your trees, bushes and plants imparting a gracious relaxing atmosphere. When you light up your exterior in the right way, you bring out the hidden beauty and charm of your home in a way that can only be accomplished at night.

Good Alternatives

When you hire a professional to help you, they should listen to your desires and translate your desires into a personal lighting design that is unique just for you. They recognize that lighting is difficult to visualize. A good professional should be able to demonstrate various lighting effects for you and it's best done at night, of course. Once you can see the effects, you'll know what you want at that point.


Usually a professional will require very little of your time. They can use fixtures and a portable battery pack to show you the difference lighting can make. You'll be amazed at how your home will come to life when lighted properly.

You should request the following from your hired professional:

  1. A 10-year guarantee on the entire system
  2. A 10-year guarantee against voltage drop
  3. Free replacement of burned out bulbs
  4. A maintenance agreement that keeps the light system performing year after year

Barbara Jennings, is a leading home staging and interior redesign trainer. Author of 9 books on decorating, she is one of America's leading experts on how to start, manage and grow a home staging or interior redesign business.

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