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Decorate With Color: What Are Your Favourites?

by Barbara Jennings, CRS/CSS

What are your favourite ways to spark up a room and make it "pop"? What would you do to make a room really express your personality? Here are a few of my likes.

Favourite Color Combinations - I love sage, rust and vanilla, even though sage is falling by the wayside now. Naturally warm colors can make you feel alive like the palette at the top of this page. Cool colors will calm you down. Soft palettes are soothing; high contrasts energize you. Then there's tone on tone - variations of the same color but differiated by textues.

Favorite decorating style/period: I once saw an artist's work who had taken old world Japanese samurai warriors, dressed them in full armor, and then placed them on modern day motorcycles. What fun! What if you took ideas from 500 A.D. Japan and combined them with something modern and current - what if you fused them together? You would be creating something totally new and very refreshing.

Favorite essential accessory: Some designers feel every room must have some form of photography. Obviously photography is very personal, especially when its of you and your family, places you have visited, your friends and so forth. I especially love close up images where you don't see the whole image, just a small portion of it. Like a close up of my daughter, with part of her head cropped off. I think those kinds of pictures are very dramatic.

I also like fresh cut flowers in a room, especially roses and gardenias. Even stalks of bamboo or twigs in a tall vase. I love the dramatic expressive shapes.

Favorite budget store: While I can pretty much afford whatever I want, I'm still partial to great bargains, especially since they are affordable to most people. Here are a few of my favourite shops where you can find gems if you look hard enough: Pier One, Mainly Seconds, Cost Plus, The Alley, IKEA. Some bargains are just too good to pass up.

Barbara Jennings, is a leading home staging and interior redesign trainer. Author of 9 books on decorating, she is one of America's leading experts on how to start, manage and grow a home staging or interior redesign business.

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