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Color Trends 2009

by Barbara Jennings, CRS/CSS

Because of the simplicity and quick solution aspects of paint and how easily one can get just the color they want, paint color trends tend to survive the decade in which they were created. When economic times are challenged or when people feel insure in any manner, they tend to lean toward the earthier colors where they feel they have more stability. They want to make dramatic changes but spend as little as possible too. So paint has a potential of becoming a long-term influence on the color and interior design of our homes.

If you don't know it already, color trends are established at least two years in advance by color forecasters from every industry group. Here is a synopsis of four color-forecast seminars and what leading experts presented. Their findings from traveling the world and tracking trends were extrapolated and honed down. Knowing the predicted trends can be important as you plan your decorating projects in the near and far future. So these four global trends are important directions for the future.

As you might expect, elegance and luxury have been tossed aside and instead we see some sensibility and cultural awareness emerge. Deep within the emerging color trends, like emerging countries, we see a respect for nature and fundamental human values growing and spreading.


Whether you believe in it or not, the influence of the "green" industry has us all concentrating on using natural products and getting rid of products that use harmful chemicals or that leave harmful residue in their wake. The emphasis is on minimizing the human footprint. The Natural Trend encourages us to use pure natural foods, eco-friendly building products, no additives or treatments, everything in its purest form. In a world of over abundance, light and shadow interplay to satisfy the yearning for simplicity.

The softest whites to the darkest grays define this collection. There is only a slight whisper of blue and green. Pure sands of the earth sprinkle tones of beige in this monochromatic trend. Asian themes and styles are perfect blends.


When yearning for more color and energy, one might look to this trend. The Organic Trend inspires us to live in bustling urban areas yet it helps us maintain our serene and peaceful lifestyles. Here too it is fueled by the desires to be part of the wider community yet reducing pollution and global warming. Smaller living spaces reflect the socially responsible actions of design and sustainability. Instead of sprawling out like in decades past, the urban village moves upward with organic rooftop gardens. Particularly useful in metro areas where space is of a premium.

This collection is infused with a mid-tone color palette encompassing dominant yellow toned greens as well as rich soil brown. Notice how much warmer this palette is compared to the others. Rattan and shadow blue compose the neutral colors. Notice it is void of white. Precious metals of copper and bronze express the earthen elements.


In our continued search for simplicity in our lives and homes, the Nocturnal Trend emerges king. This palette includes stronger colors which fuse with our  fast paced lifestyles. But at the same time these colors feel soothing. We continue to search for a restful environment that includes our ecological values  but also one that respects the balance between earth and its people. All living creatures want to feel secure in their surroundings and we are no different.

Green, orange, red and blue is influenced by nightfall. What emerges are deep rich tones that are not bold but serene. The two neutral colors give peacefulness to the eye.


For those that yearn still for individuality, the Global Trend celebrates that in each of us. Drawing a lot from emerging countries, it is combined with international influences that shape our world in a vivid exciting palette. Just look in the mall to find it everywhere in fashion: clothing, jewelry, handbags. Yet stepping out of this global circle we need our own identity which opens up a wide assortment of individual creativity. The dramatic colors announce - this is my home!

Bright colors from around the globe highly influence this trend. Go from mango orange to regal purple and aqua blues to deep lime green.  Add those reflective elements of gold and silver to finish off this global trend. Bring in black to share the stage - and even a bit of desert rose.

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