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Ontario, Canada Home Staging & Interior Redesign Directory

Here are some of the top home staging and interior redesign specialists in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Each consultant is an independent entrepreneur and solely responsible for the claims and representations they make. They are listed in alphabetical order according to the city where they are located.

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City Stager/Redesigner Phone Additional Info If Provided

Barrie Ann Deveaux (705) 792-4609

Bethany Sekai Muscutt (905) 409-9224 ss_muscutt@yahoo.ca

Brampton Brandia Jones (416) 668-3774 brandiatj@hotmail.com

Eliott Lake Peggy McLaughlin, CRS (705) 848-6802 envision7@hotmail.com

Fonthill Annette Steele (905) 892-6319 dsteele121@cogeco.ca

Hamilton Christine Dunbar (905) 544-9965 christinedunbar_01@hotmail.com

Kingston Judi Lancaster (613) 634-7511 judi@throughoureyes.ca

London Kelly Shute* (519) 652-8892 The Urban Pioneer

Maple Veronica Tovbin (647) 987-7757 tveronica.tovbin@hotmail.com

Markham Cui Ying Yu (905) 294-6883 yu217@hotmail.com

Markham Mei Lim, CSS/CRS (905) 201-2318 Meijude@gmail.com
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Mississauga Karen O'Connell (905) 823-1620 koconnell9@sympatico.ca

Mississauga Norah Logan-yip (905) 566-6003

Mississauga Fozia Breakey (905) 278-7278 take2homedesign@rogers.com

Toronto Irene Luckese Not Listed

Toronto Marion Owen, CSS (416) 714-1644 marionowen@sympatico.ca

Toronto Olga Florianskaia, CSS/CRS (416) 858-9573 olgaflora65@hotmail.com

Vaughan Adri Goulart Pereira (416) 838-3354 canadafever@sympatico.ca

Whitby Nancy Hodge (905) 668-7375 Hodgen@3web.net

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The above listings are Ontario, Canada home staging and interior redesign professionals who have either taken training from this company or who have purchased a listing. Home staging is the art of preparing a home to be sold. Interior redesign is the art of arranging furniture and accessories that client's already own for a dramatic, more professional look. Some home stagers and redesigners offer both services and some do not. The stagers and redesigners listed here reside in Ontario (CA).